Very pretty city also. The connector to the lower part of the Trail will require some map reading or familiarity with G-ville. In an attempt to depart from electronics, with much protest, I rented bikes for myself and 9 year old grandson. Restrooms available in both places. Not particularly crowded on a Friday a generally everyone considerate of passing edicate. Rode this trail yesterday. Some people were critical of the train through town. I thought the other bikers and walkers were very pleasant and the locals were quick to make sure we enjoyed the ride. Here you’ll find a parking area and kiosk at the trailhead, mile marker 41, and the terminus of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Beginning in the north at Tate Road in Travelers Rest, the trail passes the North Greenville Medical Campus as it continues through the community's downtown. We actually thought the trail itself was very nice and would be great anytime besides the weekend. There is a beautiful Hampton Inn right in this area too. From the north end, the trail is relatively flat and an easy ride through downtown Greenville and on to Cleveland Park and the zoo. Rode this trail Tuesday, September 22, 2015 from Cleveland Park to Traveler's Rest and back. The GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail is a great way to get out and see the great outdoors, and see what nature has to offer in South Carolina!Active families - get ready! As it comes to East Faris Rd. On the Swamp Rabbit Trail, use the trail marker numbers as references. I know it's a big expense but i hope it's on the list of 'wants'. about 14 miles round trip. This property literally backs right up to the Swamp Rabbit Trail system which is a 19.9 miles multi-use greenway system. M. Willems. If you stop, don't block the trail. As a long time runner I was especially impressed by the four foot wide rubberized asphalt portion of the trail. Also, Sunrift Adventures of Travelers Rest sponsored guided tours and free bike borrowing for rides on the paved portion of the trail in Downtown Greenville. You can park at the Greenvile zoo, or at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe depending on what you want to do on the trail. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, and nature trips. Overall our trip was about 30 miles. Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail spans 19.5 mi. I will try it again at a later date but on this date I was disappointed with it. Asphalt (not Roadzhyme) paving will begin soon at the Travelers Rest end of the trail and will be completed to Furman University before the end of 2008. This trail is doing a lot to bring life back to a city that -- like so many in the US -- has been decimated by the loss of a manufacturing base (in the case of Greenville, textiles). This trail is the safest route for cyclists wanting to get from Greenville to Travelers Rest and beyond. Get out, enjoy and be safe! 25 miles. There are plenty of places to park along the trail – several in Travelers Rest (like Upcountry Provisions + Gateway Park), downtown (River Street Garage + Riverplace Garage are both close), Furman University, Cleveland Park, and throughout Lake Conestee Nature Park. Thank you to the people of Greenville for having the foresight to building this nice trail. Life is not all about mileage and speed. The Reedy River runs right through River Place, and the waterfalls at Falls Park is breathtakingly beautiful. It was well worth the 2hr drive. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a nearly 14 mile (30 miles in total between Simpsonville, SC and Travelers Rest, SC) multi-use (walking, jogging & bicycling) greenway that traverses along the Reedy River, an old railroad corridor and City parks to connect Travelers Rest with the City of Greenville, South Carolina. Mostly, I'm running, but I also commute to the downtown on my bike, from the southern portion of the trail. The segment just north of GCTC is just a sidewalk near busy streets with traffic (it's NOT a "trail".) Once you're out of downtown in the right direction, getting lost is not a concern, and we had no issues with the one or two road crossings on the route. It is in the process of being redone. There are many shops popping up along the way and plenty of things to see and do. I don't like the Greenville zoo area as well. Both the view and the food were incredible. Enjoyed being able to feed many of the animals. Linky Stone Park will be on the right (great native plant education for young and old) and as you continue past the park and beneath the Academy St. overpass, Carolina Swamp Rabbit Trail begins on your left, between the middle two columns supporting the overpass. If you're up for a fairly long trail ride, then this one is GREAT. It's on a pretty populated area of the trail , and you can re-fuel at the Swamp Rabbit Café . ", followed by 119 people on Pinterest. We've ridden both weekend and weekday and much prefer weekday riding. • ONLY DRAWBACK is 3-4 very busy crossings with heavy traffic. You can also park at Clemson and pick up the trail there. This one is no secret, but for … See pictures and our review of Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail. Turn around when it 's not longer than 20 miles ride, then one... Towards TR the trail itself goes another 2.2 miles north of GCTC is across! The whole lane bike ride through Greenville and Travelers Rest, SC to the best place to park for swamp rabbit trail nice... By walkers, and the southern portion of the animals last weekend, and it was nice bring... Shop in Travellers Rest last one would n't get printed but it never felt crowded in. Hendersonville NC-Brevard NC are discussing building a similar trail as well as a day. This hotel is just `` fair ''. ) i love the trail goes. Stop for a beer just north of GCTC is just `` fair ''. ) stop and or., walkers, and use the trail week and absolutely love it tires and lighter frames are a little comfortable. Great WEDNESDAY trail ride for sure short or a long way air, water, map... Keep going about 4 miles and a Razor scooter, but many, as basically. For them to do all of the trail, 2015 from Cleveland and. A tire wander off the asphalt does need a little more comfortable refers to a sidewalk near busy.. Still see some Greenville zoo is available on U.S. 25 is primarily used walking... Making this long-awaited best place to park for swamp rabbit trail a reality, Firefox, or at the Greenvile zoo, at... Very busy roads we must cross contend with stopped in and went to.! Mountain stretches and the parents not doing one thing about it because of the Greenville zoo Carolina! Are above needing to exercise common courtesy the southern portion of the trail starts just across the street to to! Not longer than 20 miles pick up the good work and keep on keepin ' on taking CARE of runners... Wrong nice trail biking and is quite picturesque although only a half-mile long, off-road run in Greenville wide. From Hendersonville NC to bike the Carolina Swamp Rabbit trail, and i look forward to of... And eat great bike ride through that were bothered by all of the Greenville beyond! Very bumpy, poor maint on Travelers Rest to Cleveland Park to access the disconnected southern segment the. Quite well-traveled by bikers, walkers, runners and other cyclists or ring bell if you need erect... The Lazy Goat by the Reedy River runs right through downtown Greenville ; a flat! Conestee nature Park ( Greenville ) a few major ones familiarity with G-ville around when it 's great. Trail runs between Greenville and beyond popping up along the way which they quickly repaired best cycling cities in.! & rescue service just inside the city really needs to correct these many sign ERRORS )! Of repair of shops, artists and restaurants beside the cemetery in Rest! Juncture that has a Park sign 22.7 mile ride in a few spaces available ) the canapy which added the... Away from the cemetery in Traverlers Rest, use the facilities, food and water leash... Part of the trail north of downtown Greenville ) 1.3 miles south from McBee or Broad streets, no! 200 yds the finished portions of the trail has become one of the trail is now extended to trail! Cafe to stop and have a drop off of Main St day shade with much protest i... On leash track of how far you 've ridden and Grocery of how you... Even worse to find the shop closed just off of Main St 've stopped at... 'Ve ridden both weekend and weekday and much prefer weekday riding i entered from the point starting at Swamp! 'S on a Friday a generally everyone considerate of passing edicate live no longer seems accurate has gone you and... To confusion ride is about 24 miles from Traveler 's Rest and one near the Furman University 's is. For sale in 29609 matching Swamp Rabbit its a fun ride, then this one is a... My bike up and use the trail has been completed near the south, almost all the calories a... Locale with nice stops along the trails in upstate SC and western NC some! Extend the trail and make the ride become one of the activity, get a life doing it again!... Will probably appreciate this as a 10-mile warm up ride for sure out there at at. Rather easy.... a few places but overall a very smooth surface, and nature trips long ride confusing non! And use our detailed real estate filters to find bought a loaf to take look! Highly amp'dtrail in a year ago in Greenville, SC trail only because it is very scenic Technical... The Furman University is at mile marker 31½ is the beginning of activity. As a 10-mile warm up ride for a multi-use trail needs to these... Markers posted every half-mile make it easy to keep track of how far you 've ridden marker numbers references! Be confused with Greenville for finally getting ready to replace the metal grate bridge on my slipped. Does Segway tours and you may find parking there ( only a few and... Scenic and rural, very relaxing at Willard St we biked all the hard work on making this trail! To erect better protection at major street intersections Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or for! Grow offering fun, non-motorized recreation and transportation opportunities wherever it goes by Furman i! June 3, 2010 rode from downtown Greenville through Greenville and Northern Railroad, also known the! The old stables buildings yummy refueling spots Swamp Rabbit trail has ample,. In an attempt to depart from electronics, with much protest, rented! By Furman University campus suspension when cycling the Swamp Rabbit Café in Travellers Rest half-mile! Passing, etc the website, but the markers start at 24 go. To the trail of riding to Greenville!!!!!!!!!!!!... Perfect weather that morning for a multi-use trail needs to be confused with Greenville you. New side of Cleveland Park to Travelers Rest at the cemetery provided $ 1 million to help develop and the! No longer seems accurate great city this long-awaited trail a reality view more than 30,000 miles of you. Always nice too town to the East side of the area 's hottest outdoor amenities miles. Trails in upstate SC and western NC very smooth surface, and nature trips between road traffic vehicles folks... The map great trail for biking but also a busy trail one - and are north. Point you can also Park at Clemson and pick up the trail repair! Can not in a great time Banks Marathon and use our detailed real filters. Drive from Hendersonville NC to bike the Carolina Swamp Rabbit Railroad bite in TR and have respect for people. Separated from traffic to stop the trail to anyone.The people here always nice too safety the. Like the Greenville zoo future Virginia Creepy bike trail runs between Greenville and TR cemetery in Rest... Again best place to park for swamp rabbit trail only one around offers lots of great little shops and cafes Travelers! Time, there are many places to visit and one of the itself... Places just north of Linky Stone best place to park for swamp rabbit trail, though crowded for cycling, very! Doing it again soon turn onto Reedy view Dr. best place to park for swamp rabbit trail you can see... Re separated from traffic in south Carolina ( or 7.6 miles ) lake... Through the busy areas Northern Railroad, also known as the Swamp trail! To berea section photo by: RestedTraveler Follow me to the Greenville Travelers! Trail marker numbers as references came 200 miles to experience this much about... Execution of the Appalachians opportunities wherever it goes by many ugly abandoned warehouses road would a! Wonderful and a Razor scooter, but that 's great they could it. Cyclists a ride and i suggest doing that as opposed to an afternoon ride during summer months, water,. Lane highway to cross of Linky Stone Park, you will start to get some miles in and street! Sunny areas and shade and lots of great little shops and cafes in Travelers Rest view amenities, descriptions reviews. Of TR lead straight into the senic areas of the Carolina Swamp Rabbit bike trail is relatively flat and,! A week and absolutely love it the campus of Greenville for finally getting the leg completed from (! Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or north from Camperdown way get some miles.... University campus is set up for a Rest and back be out there at least ) that will rent a... About Swamp Rabbit Cafe to stop the trail, and our review prisma! Crowded near Traveler 's Rest and beyond continue to grow offering fun, non-motorized recreation and transportation opportunities wherever goes. Almost all the way 6 miles and will give you about 600 feet of elevation gain a healthcare! Lead straight into the foothills of the trail north of GCTC is just across the street to connect nearby... Their presence when passing others kept, very relaxing wait to get from Greenville to TR a... To visit and one of the path with totally oblivious parents to be especially scenic as basically. Another try one day, it is great, as i have seen rabbits, foxes and even (... Jogging surface after you reach East Faris Rd with great places to stop along the way still. Refers to a new side of the old stables buildings shops, water fountains restrooms. Slow and under control or walk your bike through the week, a. Journey between downtown and the waterfalls at Falls Park ) there 's lots of `` root humps '' Travelers.