Whether Taylor Swift is posing with her three cats or Miley Cyrus has adopted a new dog, celebrities have a special love for their pets—and aren't afraid to show it. List of the best fictional pets from literature, film, TV, comics, mythology, and other places. They a… I know the animal lovers out there will be able to think of many entries to put on this list, but you can’t please everybody. If you remember Astro flying, don’t consider it a prediction for the dogs of the future. James Van Der Beek takes a 'Van Der Peek' back at his most notable roles. Being a little slow upstairs, however, doesn’t hold back the canine instincts that lead Murray to an affair with Sophie, the cairn terrier show dog across the hall, making him the proud father of five puppies. After all, isn’t that what dogs are for? There is something about the innocence of an animal that makes them so much more sympathetic. Then, in the 1950’s, TV gave us The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, and guess what? But it’s what’s on the inside that counts, guys!. Not only is Astro of above-average intelligence (even by today’s human standards), but he also has exceptional language skills. More specifically, a snorkasaurus. Ferrets have qualities of both cats and dogs (although there are big differences too) which is why they are becoming popular. Probably, the last thing Family Guy‘s pet beagle — the sarcastic, intellectual Brian — would consider himself is a dog. Rin Tin Tin from The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. Petey the dog from Little Rascals. From adopted ponies to the cutest kittens, the pets of the elite always receive the red carpet treatment. Bullseye from Oliver Twist & Jip from David Copperfield. Choupette is the famous cat of the even famous designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Tweety is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so to speak. Wilbur spends so much time hanging out in the barn that his wife thinks he loves his horse more than he loves her…and can you blame her? Lassie represented “courage, honour and unshakeable loyalty” and selflessly put herself in dangerous situations to save her human friends. How do we know this? Maybe Mr. Ed was silly, but you still couldn’t help but love him. August Loot Crate to include exclusive Adventure Time figure - get your first look. Hmmmm…Max Factor. This isn’t the case with the audience, as demonstrated by the dog’s fan mail and the surge in popularity of Jack Russell terriers during the show’s run. Pets are people too, ya know! Doctor Who fans the world over love K-9, who was companion dog (two companion... 15 Azrael – The Smurfs. An enthusiastic “Woof woof!” response barks out from the world’s most famous German shepherd. Lassie from Lassie. Christina Aguilera. Murray is a lazy but lovable, affectionate and loyal dog who’s “out to lunch” most of the time. Still, from Brian’s risqué language and antics, you know he is not the dog you’d take home to Mother. But according to a TV Guide interview with Kelsey Grammer, Moose, the original dog to portray Eddie, was a … Snoopy preferred to live outside and while the interior of his dog house was quite extravagent, he liked to lie on top of it instead. Miley Cyrus's dogs (above), part Maltese and … Whether it is man's best friend or a fictional creature, the pets we see on TV can add some comedy or even emotion to any scene - Page 5 68 French Dog Names That'll Make You Say 'Oui, Oui', 13 Ways Vinegar Can Transform How You Clean Your Home, You Don’t Have to Grit Your Teeth and Live With Hard Water — There Are Solutions, Comfy Hypoallergenic Pillowcases That’ll Keep Your Allergies Out of Your Bed, UGG Has Hunter Boot Lookalikes & They’re On Sale at Zappos, Run, Don’t Walk—Oprah’s Favorite Mom-Friendly Spanx Pants Are 25% Off At an Unexpected Place, UGG Is Selling Dog Booties That Are Cute, Comfy & Ultra Soft, Moisturizing Cuticle Treatments That’ll Take Care of Dryness For Good. Well, maybe that depends on what he’s saying and doing with his communication skills. In honor of our beloved feline and canine friends, Us Weekly is celebrating the best TV pets of all time.From Snoopy to Comet, watch the video above to see which pets made the cut. Vincent was actually played by a female dog, but in canon he’s still a good boy. Whether it is man’s best friend or a fictional creature, the pets we see on TV can add some drama, comedy, or even emotion to any scene. It's raining cats and dogs... and monkeys. Sorry to pop your bubble, but the real TV Lassie was a boy! Snoopy started as an adorable and silly character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz, which was illustrated and televised from 1950-2000. She was the dog we all wanted as kids. Who wouldn’t love a talking horse? Build your custom FanSided TV email newsletter with news and analysis on All Television and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Maybe it's an adorable, … Garfield is one of the most well-known feline characters. Audrey Hepburn ’s Dog Hepburn was apparently so attached to her dog (brilliantly named Mr. Say what you will about Lost as a series, but there was nothing wrong with Vincent. Have fun and good luck! Famous) that he appeared on set with her in a scene for Funny Face in 1957. Feb 5, 2020 ... 6 Best Pet Cameras. In 1994 it was estimated that there were more than 7 million ferrets in the U.S as pets in households. Famous TV Dog Names Naming Ideas From Television. Cats and dogs are cool enough on their own, but just in case you weren't convinced about this verified fact, here are some famous people with their pets to convince you. In the sitcom Frasier, Eddie was Martin Crane’s beloved Jack Russell Terrier. Best Actress Oscar winner and long-time animal lover Reese Witherspoon has accumulated a rather impressive collection of pets.