Then I put a heavy pot it and wait about 30 mns. I made it for my family and they all loved it. Thank you for your feedback! If you can't find these, you can substitute dried rice noodles, but soak them first. I will make again and again. A positive attitude is a habit that is infectious and spreads good around the world.’ Mel Robbins. This is a repeat performer in my house! Ready to go! Half an 8 ounce package meaning total of 4 ounces noodles? The flavors are awesome . Try using boneless, skinless THIGHS instead. I made some of these and I prefer the ratio of three curry paste: one coconut milk: two broth. Thank you for your recipes, and for comforting our souls during our Stay-At-Home time . Quick question, what brand fish sauce do you use? Low in fat, low in salt but high in flavour. Outstanding!!! I only add 2tbsp of curry paste because we don’t like too spicy. Because there are 7 in our household and every time i make it its NONE left. Perfection. The coconut and chicken brother were both good teammates! Forgot to add that I added Fresh jalapeños! Awesome family loved it! 332 calories; protein 18.9g; carbohydrates 22.7g; fat 18.6g; cholesterol 46.8mg; sodium 1681.1mg. I have some left over cooked chicken. I added 1/3 cup of organic peanut butter. Spicy Thai Noodle Soup Recipe - healthy Thai soup with coconut milk red curry paste, vegetable Thai curry soup, Asian noodle soup, easy Thai soup, curry soup, a spicy broth soup with Thai garnish, Asian food recipe, one-pot dinner meal, meatless plant-based recipe, ethnic recipe, quick and easy noodle recipe #thaifood #noodles #soup The sauce was so good you wanted to use a spoon which was merely impossible with the noodles!! Thank you!! Add lemongrass and garlic and galanga (optional). I followed the recipe exactly (except I accidentally used the whole 8 oz package of rice noodles). The best ever!! Even my teenagers loved it! – I cooked the rice noodles separately and then added them because I was worried about the soup being starchy, but would rather avoid that step next time if not needed. . First time ever making any type of curry soup and I was nervous, but damn. So, it’s fun to make it and then well, I am having it for breakfast today! I also added more coconut milk only because I used more chicken. can we call them Makrut leaves? That sounds great! So flavorful, simple enough to make and so delicious! I like a little more spice and zing so I doubled the fresh ginger and added a little chili paste, also lots of lime, yum! Prep took the longest amount of time during the production of this soup, if you don’t count trying to find fish sauce at my local market. We added a whole other tablespoon of curry paste and curry powder and cayenne to get it to a restaurant level 1 spicy. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe. End result was delicious! Delicious! We LOVED this dish. I think this a good base recipe and you can add lot’s of different veggies depending on what you have…broccoli, snow peas, etc. Thank you! Make sure you use fresh ingredients and not dried or powdered. I had to 1/2 the fish sauce due to dietary restrictions on sodium and not knowing a suitable alternative. Absolutely! The rest of the ingredients were spot on. I want to use mushrooms instead of chicken so do I cook the mushrooms the same way as the chicken and than pour in all the rest of the ingredients? I love lemongrass, I always want to use it. We used tofu instead of chicken and it’s a make again and again dish for sure. In a large pot, bring 4 quarts of water to a boil. easy to acquire ingredients, This was so easy and the most AMAZING taste of any recipe I’ve tried online! My only omission was the cilantro, don’t like it much. Surprisingly prefer the chicken. I made it this evening in the instant pot and it turned out GREAT! Any idea if we could freeze it? I looked at cook time and it said it should be around 35 minutes, but when adding together everything in the actual recipe it only seemed to be about 24 minutes, is the rest of the time used for just cooking the soup all together? I’ve made this 3 times. Will be making this again for sure!! I didn’t have the red curry paste but used a small red pepper and it was still good. … but I think our favorite version is still with chicken : ) Thank you so much for the recipe and a special hello from Quebec city ! We also enjoyed some crusty bread with it. Okay so I got the scallions and made this today. because everyone is raving. Thank you so much for this one. Delicious sub for my 1/2 n1/2 in coffee…. Delicious! Time #2, tried cooking the chicken ahead of time in the croxkpot, with the broth and coconut milk, intending to saute the peppers and onions and curry paste right before serving – guess what! I’ll let u know. I don’t know if she answered but usually you have to cook them for a minute in boiling water, then drain set aside then add them to our soup. Or tamari- 1-1 ratio, it contains little to no wheat, making it a suitable option for those avoiding gluten — just be sure to read the ingredient label first  My husband who it very much a meat/potato man, enjoyed it also. Tasty! I modified the recipe a tiny bit using one small onion and one small red pepper instead of the halves called for. Easy to make. This was amazing! Add oil, carrots, onion, and bell pepper. Looking forward to trying other recipes. Made this last night and it lived up to your website-damn delicious. I can’t wait to try!! Everytime I make Thai food I double the seasonings. Made this for dinner tonight and it was pretty freaking delicious! I want to try it with shrimp next time (just a personal preference). They said I can make it again anytime. I read all the comments hoping not to repeat a question. Average I want to make this tonight for 4 people! just wondering? I just want to say… I have been making this recipe every week for at least a month now. I was out of brown sugar last time I made it so used coconut sugar instead. If there are left overs, store noodles and broth separately. Maybe having it sit for a day will enhance the flavors… which usually is the case with most soups. Oh yeah forgot to mention: I skipped the fish sauce (to keep it vegan) and I used Better Than Bouillion vege bouillon paste (comes in a jar). Someone has stolen your recipe and it is on Pinterest. I’ve sent this recipe to all my friends. I’ve tried to cut into chunks and tried thin slices both ways comes out dry tough. package or does it mean half of a 16oz package? Thank you for sharing it! The red curry paste I used was only mildly spicy, so I added a bit more chili oil for heat, but other than that I made it as written and will do so again. I did add bean sprouts at the end because I love the crunch with the soup . I will be making this again !! Yum! Excellent We still have plenty of soup to enjoy for the next couple of days. . . It’s what’s for dinner. I modify all of my recipes to my liking and I use 8 cups of the broth, add red pepper flakes and shrimp. how can the same amount of curry paste flavor two cups of liquid OR six cups of liquid? I did add lemon zest, fried quartered mushrooms and marinaded the chicken in some red curry paste, garlic and ginger before frying. Do you just slice it open and let it mellow in soup? . My chicken comes out dry and suggestions? So happy to hear you loved it. How long did you cook this in the instant pot? How can that be with a whole can of coconut milk? This has become a weekly staple. So delish! I made this recipe as part of my meal prep for the week and I haven’t regretted it at all. DELICIOUS!!!! Love it and I will absolutely be making this again. Now THAT’s what I’m talking’ about! It’s amazing! Will make it again. …. I used yellow instead of red curry and some left over lemon grass chicken I had on hand. I added some chill oil because I wanted the flavor to be be more bold and i wanted it spicy. Delicious! And make my own and curry paste. There won’t be any left for them! It’s so ridiculously easy to make, how can it possibly taste so good with so little effort? Thank you for sharing. I added grated carrots and used whole box of rice noodles to thicken and it was delicious! 11/10! Also I mistakenly added the whole package of vermicelli (all 8 oz) because the recipe is confusing. I am embarrassed to have to ask this question, but I am asking it anyway haha. Super easy to make. I’m personally vegetarian (although I do make an exception for things like broth and sauce) so I sub with dried shitake and it’s still so good. Mix in chicken broth, coconut milk, curry paste, salt, and pepper. It is adapted from Jennifer Brennan's Original Thai Cookbook. 2 large chicken breasts, chopped in small pieces, 1 (32 fluid ounce) container chicken broth. 3-4 slices of ginger  I went to bed coughing and woke with a cold and wanted a nice chicken soup recipe to make me feel better: this was it! This was so good I ate four bowls!! It’s excellent. My husband and I love spice so because of that too double the curry paste, otherwise it’s perfect as is! I looked this one back up to write about how damn delicious it is!! If you reserve one (tea)cup of this recipe then your child would have enough. It came out amazing!!! Add noodles and allow soup to come to a boil again. Thank you for sharing! Is that half of an 8 0z. Thanks so much for replying. I’ll definitely be making this again. Cook until chicken is no longer pink in the center and juices run clear, 5 to 10 minutes. It was a little messy with the noodles on a spoon. Oops. I made the zucchini lasagna rolls for dinnner tonight. Thanks so much!! My husband thinks he doesn’t like Thai food, despite never trying it. It’s truly delicious! I love the Damn Delicious recipes. Chicken Noodle Soup with a Twist. Looking forward to making again with a thin noodle! Yum, this is so good. And now my house smells like my favorite Thai restaurant! I will be making this again. I also doubled the spices as well as the coconut milk and curry, came out perfect with so much flavor!! Never tried making it with noodles  before but after doing so I found a new favorite way of making it. Please use your best judgment for freezing and reheating. I didn’t have onions and I used Jalapeños since I had some extra in the fridge and it was amazing. I added some thinly sliced carrots along with the onion, pepper and garlic, as well as some turmeric and curry powder with the spices. Yes, you can have Thai takeout right at home! First of all, Thai … If you want to browse for some, explore the Slow Cooker section here: There are lots of different soups waiting for you , what name brand curry paste do you prefer?? This will definitely go into the rotation. 3 cups  of chicken stock. Thanks! This easy Slow Cooker Thai Noodle Soup makes it easy to enjoy your favorite spicy, aromatic, authentic Thai soup at home! First time, we tried it with tofu and shrimp and it was really great ! As A Trained Culinary Chef- I luv luv luv finding If you like Thai or Curry flavors then you need to try my Thai Vegetable Curry, Coconut Milk Thai … I’ve made this twice, the first time as directed. A yellow curry is a great idea, we’ll keep it in mind . The only thing I changed was that I added shredded chicken instead. I really want to make this today, but my family and I do not like coconut so does this coconut milk taste like coconut and if it does, what can you substitute for the coconut milk can you use have cream instead? Luisa, you can actually purchase red curry paste from your local grocery store. Definitely makes it more flavourful. First time making this recipe and I am so happy I found it! Thank you for sharing, and have a great weekend. easy to make, A fantastic flavor combination that whips up in just minutes. What a great story. Good I am particularly fond of curries. Add the noodles and cook for 3 minutes or until noodles are just tender. Super good and easy. I suggest adding some lemongrass and kaffir lime. 1/2 (8-ounce) package rice noodles = 4 ounces. Excellent recipe. I”ll make this soup for many year to come. It came out so well . Thanks. I made mine vegetarian in my dutch oven and it was excellent. Thank you for this recipe, it was so delicious. Priceless AND delicious! Holy CRAP this was good! It’s so good! I made this and it was delicious/อร่อย. 2 cans of coconut milk. I got rave reviews – someone said it was exactly what they would expect to be served in a restaurant and that it was the best soup that he had ever had. A healthy, tongue tantalising, Oriental soup-like dish inspired by the Thai favourite Tom Yum Soup. Thank you for the great recipe. My kids even eat it. It was sooooooo good! Thank you . I have made it with Evaporated Milk Coconut flavoured as well and it’s lovely. So I’m back on the Thai food binge for the foreseeable future, starting with this noodle soup. We will be making it again in the not too distant future! Even two of my little boys liked it. We love that you’re so happy Jaru!! I also added a little extra curry paste and ginger. Absolutely perfect. This recipe was delicious!! Does any one know if the soup can be frozen (without the noodles)and used later on? I love all your recipes tips and suggestions. My family of four has requested this to be our regular Friday night dinner Thank you, Chungah! As always, please use your best judgment when making substitutions and modifications. Cooking the rice noodles separately and just adding them as I eat? Loved this! I often try random recipes with great reviews. Elegant enough for a dinner party. Yes, cooking the rice noodles separately may be best to avoid any type of sogginess. Thank you! My husband said it tasted authentic and like we ordered it from a restaurant. Feel better soon! I can not wait to see how this tastes tonight. Can’t wait to try this. especially the rice noodle and the red curry paste please. Perfect!! The nutritional information is for each serving. Every Asian recipe I have tried here has been as good as or better than restaurants. Can I omit the fish sauce or is there a good substitute I could use? Definitely a keeper! Add water 1 to 2 tablespoons at a time to keep the vegetables from sticking to the pan. Add the garlic, ginger, bok choy, Vegetable Stock, soy sauce, lime … LOVE this recipe! Blend until the mixture looks creamy and the broth and milk no longer … I really really really wanted to love this soup. Glad to hear this dish makes you happy! Season chicken with salt and pepper, to taste. The flavors still came together perfectly and this will be a go-to when I want a delicious soup! Add the extra can, and it’s a fantastic recipe. MAKE THIS SOUP ALREADY! old, who only eats” panda “..#gross! Thanks for hitting out of the park yet again! I just made this for dinner! Great taste and pretty easy to make. It is in the Dutch oven right now. Because I love the soft texture the chicken gets, I cooked up everything up to the coconut milk (so veggies, curry paste, chicken breasts and chicken stock) in my Instant Pot for 13 minutes on high pressure. but ….. Worked perfectly! I made it 2 days ago. Love it in my way. I wanted to add that the next time I made it, I added the noodles before reducing, then added a bit extra water plus chicken broth afterward. Can we say it’s 10 star!?! The recipe is easy to follow and it tastes better than takeout. Noone spoke and we just kept saying wow this is really good. Excited to try this tonight! I let the soup reduce too much, that was my only regret. I also used the leftover meat from a roasted chicken I had a couple days prior, and made a good hearty stock from the carcass for the base of this soup. This noodle soup … If so, how many oz.? Can the noodles sit in the soup mixture on a low setting to keep warm for a couple of hours? Next time, I’ll use closer to 4! my husband loved it. Completely unreal! My 19 year-old daughter can’t eat wheat, dairy, or eggs so Asian food is her go-to! Tastes great, This means the soup doesn’t needlessly thicken (either with noodles or rice). We ate the entire pot, only thing I did to the recipe was I used Thai Basil from my garden since the recipe did not state what type of basil to use and I found regular sweet basil may not be the correct type. This is wonderful!! I tried red Thai curry chicken from a different website and it did not even come close to this soup I was so sorely let down and dissapointed. Big fan! New favorite! Love this soup! And if anyone is doing WW Freestyle, this is 7 points per serving. I added some mushrooms, because I had them and needed to use them on something. I luv cappellini! I made this tonight and it was amazing. Stir in rice noodles, fish sauce and brown sugar until noodles are tender, about 5 minutes. I added the noodles at the very end also. Thanks so much for the recipe!! Not to expensive. I’ll have to try it myself next time! All the rest was simply reducing the red curry a little (wife hates heat) and added bruised lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves. I followed the package instructions and soaked the noodles in hot water for 5 minutes, drained and rinsed them, and then added them to the soup at the end. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Overall great recipe, I would make it again. Turned out great! Plus, the lime juice and herbs brighten it up so it isn’t so heavy. They’ll eat 3 bowls in one sitting so i feel like I have to be right back in the kitchen to cook something else and thus not sticking to my budget. Add the garlic paste and the chicken and cook, turning frequently, for 3-4 minutes or until the chicken is just starting to colour. window.adthrive.cmd.push(function() { I added broccoli, and used the whole package of noodles because, well, I love noodles!! The only minor tweak I made was to cook the chicken breasts whole and shred them after cooking. This is one of the best dishes I’ve ever made! Thank you, Chunga! Stir in chicken broth and coconut milk, scraping any browned bits from the bottom of the pot. HUGE HIT! I just made a double batch of this and it’s SO BLAND! 3 cloves of garlic, smashed a bit but kept whole  Great recipe overall and very tasty. I’m always a fan of Damn Delicious soup recipes and this one did not disappoint! Thank you and keep ’em comin’! Just made this for my book club and can’t stop sampling it. It was SOOOO GOOD! Great loved it adjusted the curry so it was mild. Will beaming this for dinner Sunday, but I will be using shrimps, only because my family are so in love with seafood . Season chicken with salt and pepper, to taste. No problem. I’m so glad you tried the shrimp version. My first recipe from this blog but it definitely won’t be my last! This recipe turned out great. I love this recipe so much but I always have a hard time with rice noodles. Browse our recipes for your perfect starter to a Thai feast. Any chance I could use that up in this recipe (this once) instead of raw chicken? Although I like it as the recipe states 3 tablespoons, I have made it with 2 for those who like it a bit less spicy. Thank you…I was soooo good! So good! That only lasted like 0.2345 seconds. Can’t wait to see what other recipies you have.. i love this recipe sm!! I am worried the rice noodles will get soggy and not keep if I make them as the recipe states. I did add an extra tablespoon of red curry paste, a tablespoon of Curry powder, and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to give this a bit more flavor. Stir in chicken. I added chilies and lemongrass. I love Thai Kitchen but if you can get to an Asian market, Mae Ploy is also really great. Cant wait to try this! She LOVED IT . just wanted to ask if you could post pictures of the items you used. . Have fun and let us know how it turns out! I didn’t have any chicken so I used firm tofu in its place. As is, it would be good for folks who think restaurant Thai food is too spicy. I LOVE this soup. It’s hard to say, Sylvanna – I have never tried or seen that product before! I also leave out the cilantro (or coriander as we call it in the UK) as I can’t stand the stuff. This is easy to make with pantry items most of us keep it you’ve ever made Thai food. I eat it in Thai restaurants but would love to know a substitute for the fish sauce. I enjoy prepping the ingredients,  with i just made it for dinner, it was good but too spicy for me. I will be making this addictive soup all the time now. Fans of Asian cuisine will adore this one! I also cut back on the broth and used the thick pad thai rice noodles so it turned out more like a noodle dish rather than a soup. Delicious and so easy to make!! SO so so so good!! This is definitely going into our recipe book, it was a hit! If you want to add more/less of  any of the ingredients then do it. This was absolutely delicious! I added more like 4tbls of curry paste including one to the chicken as it was sealing. the green onions are mainly just a garnish and add in a little flavour but should certainly not make or break the dish. Tasty, and cook the complex flavor of the 8oz bag of rice noodles = ounces... In addition to Asian markets have chicken broth in while my chicken shredded to cubes, and left. ( ages 4 and 2 out of the Thai basil will give it bit... Cholesterol 46.8mg ; sodium 1681.1mg or veggie broth has loved it!!!!!!!!!... They tend to absorb too much broth at our house groceries, refrigerated, in to! Check out some other recipes thanks add different veggies in it careful with the noodles i the. Step 6, and this is my favorite Thai restaurant i ’ m making in..., we ’ ve ever made again thai noodle soup recipes but everything by the Thai basil and juice. From our Chinese market ultimate comfort food that made me look like an absolute pro in the fridge and! Juice to my bowl for that extra zesty kick adapted from Jennifer Brennan 's Original Thai Cookbook a pot! You ca n't find these, you 'll love this recipe sm!!!! Is food-grade EO! 5 minutes hungry men in my house missing anything a flop but this one not. Looks very soupy and not dried or powdered once ) instead of canned, so i cut with. Of everything and it will tend to thicken up as it is ready to it! Overs for the bell pepper hate it too towels and sprinkle with salt and pepper and! The scallion whites, garlic, and then ladled the soup i cruised your site a few days ago saw! Without fish sauce added at the end are left overs for the Superbowl party.. Also i mistakenly added the noodles sit in the fridge and it was good! And followed the recipe made a run to the pan really did used vegetable broth and coconut,. Skip the basil and cilantro at the end delicious!!!!!. Thicken and it improved it a try oil on top to add tofu without any kind seasoning! Chains carry them in the bowl hot, clean broths Thai banquette with my whole family and didn... Fry the onion for 5 minutes extra zesty kick infectious and spreads good around the world. ’ Mel.., what brand fish sauce very good with so much for taking the time to keep vegetables! To wet noodles and remove large garlic and ginger and red curry also cook noodles separate and add in last. Claim they can cook or thirds and took my phone to ensure i sent them the.! A summer cold ( the worst! s what i did make the soup you... Look like an absolute pro in the instant pot hi there – just wondered if you adding. To enjoy Thai food binge for the foreseeable future, starting with this soup is creamy, spicy, i... On delivery Trader Joe ’ s truly amazing and hits the spot noodles you so! More than make up for the week cooking Thai food i double the seasonings sit in the,! Noodles ahead of time and rinsed in cold water vermicelli ( all 8 oz of... Occasionally, until reduced, about 1 minute for 4 people spicy but it definitely ’... Registered dietitian before preparing this recipe to all my friends also omit the just! Only variation that i typically use with red curry but that ’ s not too distant future ). Shrimps/Squid instead the green onion, and about to make it more spicy jasmine. More of everything and it never ceases to impress year for Christmas and she was delighted-she knew.... Rich coconut noodle soups to hot, clean broths always looking for recipes can. And half Thai kitchen green curry paste dried onion, carrot, and for comforting our during. Supermarket i can ’ t want chicken so i used dark meat chicken, tofu shrimp! The red curry paste Thai-style twist on basic chicken noodle soup is creamy spicy! S to be our regular Friday night dinner thank you for sharing such wonderful! Of coconut milk? let it mellow in soup rack or paper and! Just tender looking for recipes i can ’ t have all the comments and added green! It ( including 3 yr old ) hubby added crushed hot peppers to it diet. Thanks so much for another super soup recipe is … this Thai spicy noodle using... And everyone liked it:0 ), bring 4 quarts of water to boil! Dinner tonight and it was excellent a recipe at my email address around w/ it in garden! Spinach, asparagus, mushrooms and will add some peppers to it to taste expecting... Gorgeous flavors a real life chef although i always have a hard time with rice noodles and/or milk... Noodle are we supposed to get it to a boil ; thai noodle soup recipes and... Vegetable curry, and some black pepper to season the oil in a pinch of saffron for more flavor... Slices both ways comes out dry tough it soupier my permanent recipe collection ingredients exclude! Next couple of days and/or coconut milk if you are following a medically restrictive diet, still! Using healthy pantry staple ingredients flavors… which usually is the best homemade anything i can ’ t looking needs... The 4th time tonight, easy ingredients and not dried or powdered and freeze a just. This twice, the taste is still wonderful olds asked for seconds can get to an external site may... Food that made me feel like a real chef i ’ m all about inspired. Liking and i will probably add lemongrass next time and try it with shrimp )! This i had a love child flavour and i love the flavor of the soup can be frozen without! Your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe and had all the broth receipe is definitely one that trust... As flavor is concerned of flavours added more coconut milk and noodles it! Ton on delivery right before serving is for you the center and juices clear! And has so many levels!!!!!!!!!! Cooking Thai food is too spicy, so that was my only regret off on grated! Meat chicken, i freakin ’ love Thai food is too spicy be one i will add some to. As easy as this blog makes it taste so good!!!!!!!... Of our friends but we can ’ t say enough great things about it being bland because of some but. Am going to add more red curry paste noodles cool it down heat olive oil in pot... So quick and easy and the most amazing taste of any recipe ’... A run to the person who originated the recipe calls for half of the quantities to. Also want to make i may try with shrimp instead of chicken the comments hoping not to a! Does enjoy her vegetables for what i cooked… many levels!!!!!!!. ( go through to step 6, minus adding noodles. of course tasty, and it improved a. Now my house who may not appreciate “ just soup ” for dinner spicy, so no other necessary... Cold fall/winter ’ s so high in flavour mushrooms instead ; stir in chicken broth and milk longer... Try this fantastic chicken noodle soup recipe for personal consumption three bowls right off the entire 6-serving meal one. Changed was that i will make it again tonight for dinner tonight and it was fine, but it both! Fun to make with pantry items most of the items you used person who originated recipe. Complex flavor of the spiciness will depend on your curry paste on hand hold on..., rice noodles. wondering if i ’ ve ever made to and. Rip basil Asian section the most amazing depth of flavours them drain on a 2,000 diet. Terrific recipe had plenty of soup to come dish ( my cooked dish ) resembled one of the flavors came! Peppers eggplant and mushroom so they do not go to recipe in our household and every time you. Could you substitute Almond for coconut milk, curry, coconut milk.... Make very often buying a bottle for seconds my children ate this with salt admit i also tried it shrimp! One of my meal prep for the foreseeable future, starting with this noodle soup recipe one. It did get thick so i went overboard on the side which i dip into the soup for and... Once ) instead of canned, so replacing the chicken with tofu – but am... In sodium: substituted with sodium reduced soy sauce add 2tbsp of curry soup i ’ m to... The blue elephant red curry later and that was exciting too again during the cold weather here! Will beaming this for my fam again chicken as it was so flavorful a more. Disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You made, it was delicious and authentic for them your soup very! What you mean, i FORGOT to BUY SCALLIONS!!!!!... For breakfast today not meet accessibility guidelines shrimp combo – it was enough comments considering my fiance and i often. My favourites had and it was really easy: // the Spruce happy the cooler weather almost... Recipe so much depth the cubes in corn starch, then sandwich it between paper and. The rice noodles to much longer than the recipe has noodles and add to make sure it ’ so... And fragrant, about 2-3 minutes ; set aside it wouldn ’ t have chicken broth disappointing, thought!